Integration with Quanda application

Quanda is a tool determined for sending mass e-mails.

  • You can send marketing campaigns, on-line questionnaires or web forms with the application.
  • You can use it for free if you don't exceed 200 contacts!
  • It is available in English, Czech and Slovak!
  • Export contacts whom you want to send an e-mail to from RAYNET CRM, create the content of your e-mail in Quanda and send everything at once. You will see an overview of whom you have sent an e-mail to and how they reacted in.

Video instructions are available here for those who prefer them. Others can proceed in reading this manual :)

Firstly, create a Quanda account. Register at this website

When in Quanda, click the Settings button and select API keysAdd an API key. Thanks to this key, you will be able to create a link between Quanda and RAYNET CRM.  


Name the API key, for instance "RAYNET CRM".


Copy the generated API key. You will enter it to RAYNET a bit later. 


Click the Settings button in RAYNET.


Select the Add-ons - Quanda option.


Insert the copied code into the Pairing key field. If everything is alright, the Enable integration button will appear. You will complete the integration between Quanda and RAYNET by clicking this button :)


If your integration has been successful, a new item Mass emails will be added to the main menu in Activities.


Continue with contact export from RAYNET to Quanda.

Find out more about how to create your first campaign in Quanda here.

You can also directly contact Quanda support (+420 605 163 where they will be happy to help you.


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