Contact export from RAYNET to Quanda

A warning right at the beginning: all contacts that you want to export to Quanda must include an e-mail address otherwise they will not be transferred. How can you check that? 

Add an Email column to the list of Accounts, Contacts or Leads (if you do not already have it there).

Click the small green plus icon at the end of the table and select Email.


Click twice in the column header and contacts will be sorted out according to missing e-mails. Then you can fill in the missing e-mail addresses. 


View (filter) a list of contacts (Accounts, Contacts or Leads) to whom you want to send a mass e-mail in Raynet. 

Click the Export button and select the Export to Quanda application option.


Tick the name of the tag under which you want to import your contacts and confirm by pressing the Proceed with export button.


Tags in Quanda are very important. Thanks to them, your contacts are sorted and they will never mix together. That is why you need to select a tag under which you want to add your contacts at the very first export from Raynet. Every contact in Quanda can have multiple tags.   

A contact check will take place after the export has finished. Thanks to the check, you will see how many contacts were newly transferred and how many already existing contacts were updated, or how many mistakes appeared.



Go to Quanda and look at the newly created contacts (click Contacts). 


You can transfer up to 2500 contacts within one export. If you need to raise this limit, contact our support.

Find out how to create first campaign in Quanda here.

You can also directly contact Quanda support (+420 774 128 where they will be happy to help you. 

It can take up to a couple of minutes for a campaign to appear in Raynet after having sent a campaign. We recommend waiting for at least 30 minutes and if you cannot see a new mass e-mail created in CRM, let us know :)


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