Integration with MailChimp application

MailChimp is a tool determined for mass sending of marketing campaigns.

  • You can use it for free if you don't exceed 12 000 sent e-mails per month or 2 000 subscribers in the database! Check the pricelist for higher numbers of contacts or sent messages.
  • E-mails sent from MailChimp are perfectly readable in Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail but also in Seznam e-mail.
  • You can find pre-set graphic e-mail templates in it or you can easily create your own HTML e-mail.
  • Apart from other options, the application has a Delivery Doctor function (available in paid versions) which tests e-mails so it is certain that they do not go into spam.
  • Export contacts whom you want to send an e-mail to in RAYNET, create the content of your e-mail in MailChimp and send everything at once. You will see an overview of whom you have sent an e-mail to and how they reacted to it in RAYNET.


Firstly, create a MailChimp account. Register at this website

When in MailChimp, click your name or nickname in the upper right corner (or whatever you named your account) and select Profile.


Click Extras and select API keys.


Click the Create A Key button to generate an API key.


Copy the generated API key. You will enter it to RAYNET a bit later.


Click the Settings button in RAYNET.


Click Add-ons and select MailChimp


Click the Add option.


Insert the copied code into the API key field. Confirm all by clicking Enable integration


If everything is alright, you will see a confirmation message and you will be asked to log in again. Select Log in again. The integration of MailChimp and RAYNET is completed after this step :)


After you log in again, a new item Mass emails will be added to the main menu in Activities. All sent campaigns, including lists of contacts to whom e-mails were sent and their reaction to it, will be displayed here.


Continue with contact export from RAYNET to  MailChimp.

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