Version 2.58

You can now save your own filters in the Calendar.


Advanced filters for all kinds of records enable you to filter by the last edit date.


The field to filter by last completed activity (activities linked to business deals) has been added to the business deal advanced filter.


The Location field has been added to the Event detail.


The list view of tasks, meetings, activities, e-mails, phone calls, and letters now has the option of mass edit.


You can now add your own field to all kinds of Activities.


When linking a new record to a specific record, it is possible to save the record which is being edited and create a new one straight away.


Each import record is marked with a tag with the import date and number (for easier searching and further work with records) when importing records (address book, products).


You can now drag opened windows (when you move the cursor to the window heading, an arrowed cursor will appear that will help you drag the window).

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