Licence removal

You can edit the number of licences while using the RAYNET according to your needs. Every salesman change does not necessarily mean a tragedy for you :)

All data inserted to the RAYNET by the removed user stays in the system!

You can mass transfer the data to a new or already existing salesman using the Mass edit of owner function. You can find the option Mass edit which enables ownership transfer in the Address book and in Deals. You can also change the ownership of individual records manually one by one.

A user's removal (licence deletion) can be done by an Administrator. And how do you do it?

Click the Settings option in the upper right corner.

Select the User Administration option in the Main section. Find the user's licence which you wish to remove and click the cross icon.


Confirm that you really want to remove the user's licence.


Done! :-) 

Records of the deleted user can be easily filtered (his name will be crossed out in the list of Owners) and transferred to a new user (Mass edit of ownerMass edit). 


If you are using the paid version, the decreased number of licences will be reflected in the following invoice. 

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