Price List Action overview


The Export button saves the Price list record in PDF or XLSX format on your computer.


By clicking the Security option, you will open a window with Price List system information. Here you can find information about who created (or edited) the record and when, or what the record validity is.

Only the users with special permission can view the records. You can lock any record that you have permission to access and prevent other users from editing it. The record can be unlocked by you or an administrator.


Multiple users can be working with a record at once. By clicking the Refresh button you will view the current Price list record including the changes made by other users.


Invalidating a Price list will make it invisible in the Price list overview but it will remain saved in the CRM. If you wish to show even invalid Price lists, click the Also Show Invalid button which can be found in the Price list overview header.


Price list information will be permanently removed from the CRM.

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