Calendar Icon panel

The panel with the icon menus New and Action can be found in the upper right corner in the Calendar.

Icon menu New

The icon New creates a new Activity. Just click on the icon New and a menu with list of Activity types will appear. Create a new Activity by selecting its type.

Icon menu Action

The icon Action offers three options - Export, Settings and Update.

  • Export

A file in PDF format with the current Calendar view is created when the export option is selected. The Activity will be shown with its description in the daily and weekly view, the overview of all Activities will be shown on the first page in the monthly view; further descriptions can be found on the following pages.

  • Settings

This option creates a new dialogue window where you can set the start and end of working hours (the hours before and after working hours will be always merged into one line before and after the working hours). You can also set the Calendar default view (you can select daily, weekly or monthly view) and what you want to show in the mini calendar in the left part of the screen (you can choose between filter and unscheduled activities.


  • Update

Situations when multiple users are working in the Calendar can arise. By choosing the Update action you can view the current Calendar information including the changes made by other users.

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