Creating Activities in the Calendar

You can create a New Activity by double clicking on any day or any line with a time.

You can also create a New Activity the following way:

  • Click on the New option in the Calendar header
  • Mark the number of lines corresponding to the number of hours the activity should take.


After you have chosen to create a new Activity in the Calendar, a dialogue window will appear.

In the dialogue window, choose the Activity type you want to create. Normally, these are Task, Meeting, Event, E-mail, Phone Call or Letter.


A window with a detailed description of the newly created Activity will appear after you have selected the Activity type. The Owner field (Task setter in the case of Activity type Task), date, and also the Activity start and end are already entered for you.

The date and time are entered based on which day and Calendar line you selected when creating an Activity. In case of creating a new Activity, the default time is set to half an hour. The activity length can be edited at your will.

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