Calendar view

You can work in three view modes in the Calendar - monthly, weekly and daily. Click on tab name (Day, Week, Month). The default Calendar setting is always weekly.

Weekly Calendar view

In the weekly view, each day occupies exactly one column. The particular lines represent the hours and the place and the range of each Activity in the lines corresponds to the time values. The Activity range in the Calendar column is usually limited in height by the activity start and end time.

In certain cases you might encounter an Activity that overlaps into several days - such as vacation, sickness leave or business trip. Such Activity is marked as a multiday activity in the CRM.

Daily Calendar view

The daily view offers the most detailed Activity view. You administrate the records the same way as in the weekly view. The only difference is that there are more activities fitted in one line (and at the same time).


You may find it useful especially in a situation when you need to show the daily schedule of more than one user at the same time or to plan a new group Activity so it suits everyone and does not collide with other important activities.

Monthly Calendar view

This view shows all days of the chosen month. Days in the monthly view have the name of the day stated in the header. Every week has its ordinal number in the year in the line. Days from the previous and next month are marked in grey, the current day shows with a green background.


First Activities are shown on each day; information about how many more activities there are in the day can also be shown - all depending on the window size. Activities are well marked by an icon and colour. The icon determines the activity type, the colour determines the category.

You can view the activity preview, reschedule your activities, show their details or create a new Activity. Find out more in the help menu Activity preview, Right mouse button, Unplanned Activities.

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