Completed Activities

Use the analytical views from the Analysis panel to evaluate the sales and monitor its development. The analysis uses the data from existing Activities. The CRM updates the Analysis immediately after completed an Activity.

Only the users with the AdministratorFull throttel or Certain restrictions role can fully access the Analysis. The users with the Readonly role have no access to the Analysis.

Click the Completed Activities option in the Analysis menu to view the analysis.

The Number of Completed Activities analysis shows a preview of Activities completed by individual employees in a chosen period. You can easily view how many meetings, tasks or phone calls they completed.


In the Table tab, you can see the completed activities quantity in details.

Number of Completed Activities Analysis Filters

The Activities list which the analysis is based on can be found on the right of the diagram. If you click on any Activity name, you will exclude it from the diagram. Excluded Activities can be recognised by lighter writing. You can easily view any analysis you need like this.


 To filter data, use detailed combinations of various criteria.

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