Activity Paricipants change

The Participants panel serves to view everyone engaged in a particular Activity. The participants' significance can slightly differ with various Activities:

  • for instance with a Task, it determines the task setter and the task resolver
  • in the case of an e-mail, it determines the recipients who will be sent the e-mail.

A Task can only have one resolver. If you want to add more resolvers to a task, duplicate the record and change the resolver.

Other Activities can have more participants.

To change the resolver, click the Change button at the task resolver's name in the Participants panel in the task detail.

Select a new resolver from the Catalogue of Users.


You can change the task Author the same way. Just click the Change option next to the author's name.

In the case of Activity types Phone call and E-mail, you can switch between the Recipient and Caller (Author and Recipient ) by a single click.

With a Phone call, click the arrow between the Caller and Recipient in the Participants panel.

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