Adding Products to the Deal from the Price List

You can specify the final price of each Deal (Quote) by adding Products. If you sell the same set of products to your client or if he ordered an item that is currently on special offer, you can add a product to your Deal (Quote) directly from this price list.

If you do not know how to add products to the price list, go to Adding Froducts to a Price List.

Open the Deal detail (or Quote detail) and click on the arrow by the Add Froducts from the Price List option.


Choose the correct price list.


In the new window, choose the price list you want by double clicking. 

Now, you can see all products contained in the price list.

Select all or just some of the products by double clicking and confirm your choice with the Select and close button. 


Edit the product amount or sales price in the deal detail. 


Do not forget to save your deal.

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