Account Action overview

Google it

The Google it button opens a new page on with all records concerning the account's name.


The Export button saves the record into PDF or VCF format. The first format is a file for Adobe Acrobat (Adobe Reader) whilst the VCF ending signifies an electronic business card for personal data exchange.


This button will open a window with record system information. Here you can find information about who created (or edited) the record and when, or what the record validity is. Records such as Lead, Contact, Account, Business Deal, Quotes and Project can only be seen by the users with special permission.

A user can further lock any record that they can access or prevent other users from editing it. The record can be unlocked by the same user or an administrator.


This button serves only to update the account record. If you make any changes in the record, they may not be shown immediately. This button ensures that the data that you view are up to date.


Invalidating a record will make it invisible in the account list but it will remain saved in the CRM. If you wish to show even invalid records, click the Include invalid button which can be found in the account list header.

If you have a lower monitor resolution, you can find the Also Show Invalid option under the Other filters button.



The record will be permanently deleted from the CRM after all relations to it have been removed. If you wish to remove an account but want to keep its relations, use the invalidate function.

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