Calendar filters

You can categorise all records in the Calendar into two groups - Activity type and Category. Each group contains options according to which you can filter Calendar Activities in details.


Activity Type

Activity Type differentiates records by type which they are linked to. Normally, these are Task, Meeting, Event, E-mail, Phone Call or Letter. You can tick any number of Activity types (you can tick all at once by clicking the field in the header). For better orientation, you can distinguish between Activity types also by icon which is the same even in the Calendar and other CRM functions


The Category group enables you to filter activities by Activity logical categorisation. Records can be in categories such as preferred, all company, marketing, sales, business trip, operatives or doctor.

If an Activity does not belong to any category it is automatically marked as Without category. Activity categories are chosen the same way as Activity types except the icons are replaced by a colourful background which will also be shown in the Calendar.

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